Sunday, August 28, 2005

Morris Persons!

Giving 'Scoop' (aka Pyk, aka Julie) a round of "Why was she born so beautiful .... she's not bloody use at all". I was standing on my ladder (obviously not high enough even so)to try to capture all the happy campers, massed Morris Men (and ladies) at Well Cricket Club.
Hmm, supposed to be a piccie here ... have to reinstall the Hello prog, it went do lally and this one seems no better!

Hmmm, all sorts of trouble trying to get the picture prog to work and I can't upload even in the simple way ... arghhggh there may never be another picture on Pykspeeks at this rate!

No time to problem solve now ... on a mission!


Anonymous SM said...

They're only rude when they luv ya!!!

And they think you were fantastic.

I suspect certain techie Morris Men may have hacked the site to make certain the grisly evidence is never revealed. Is the rest of the world ready for black knickers under a pink skirt? .... and trust me, folks, that was on a man with pigtails. If you put that one up, you could get the site closed under the nanny state porn laws! I'm sure it falls foul of 'deprave & corrupt'.

Tue Aug 30, 09:38:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Kelvin's knickers did match his black boots though, so we can't really get the fashion police on him.
Awwww, blush, loves me??? yak yak yak. But but I only took pickchers!
I've been busy finishing of work and need to tackle this upload problem. It may be my security features, though I haven't changed them but the 'UI is not loading' whatever the heck that is!
I've uninstalled and reinstalled to software but it's still being a pain in the arse.
I DO SO want to put piccies up!!!
I didnt take my whistle tonight - I think I need more practice .. but it was very good for clacking the castanets - which I appear to have mislaid!

Wed Aug 31, 12:26:00 am 2005  

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