Saturday, May 28, 2005

Copyright © Julie Coates, 2005

Sitting on top of the world ... view from Louth's St James's Church spire base ... incidentally the tallest Parish Church in England. I went up the 200+ steps last October, carrying my 'ston' (Lincspeak) of equpment, up a stone spiral staircase with daughter, Tora, behind me saying "You OK, Mum?" every two minutes and me replying "No, I'm bloody not!" However, I figured I'd started, so I'd better finish. The horizon is about 12 miles away. An artist called Brown painted a panormic pic from this same vantage point in the 1800s, which is now on view in Louth Town Hall. He had sailing ships with tall masts out on the sea - either had very good eyesight or a good imagination. He included some small figures of Louth's, then, good and great. It's interesting to see how the town has changed since.


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