Saturday, May 28, 2005

Contemplating my navel - literally!

Well, I've finished experimenting with the bloggy blogspot and going to get down to some proper work. Or maybe it's warm enough to sunbathe now?? If the wind's gone down.
Or fix another cup of tea?
Defrost something for a proper meal today?
Can't recall if I had a main meal y'day. The washing up says not. I grabbed a pkt of Mr Kip's individual battenburgs and scoffed three on the 15 mile return journey around 6.30. At 8pm there were nibbles at the artist's home, bite sized pieces.
Ahhh, I recall, nipping over to the pub I bought a packet of crisps, fancied a sandwich with mayo (ok, it's not everyone's cup of tea!) but didn't have any bread in the house so the landlady cling wrapped four slices (in case I wanted toast for brekkers) and that was my supper. The fridge is filled with healthy food, just no-one's eating it! I mean, who wants dinner at 4pm?
OK, I've just found something 'healthy' to eat. Salsa and mini sweetcorn and mangetout
Now i remember why I lose weight in summer.
Which is why I've ordered some summer pants and short from Cotton Traders. The classic female figure has a waist size 10" small than hips and bosom (which should measure the same but the bumps are on the front at the top and at the back on the bottom). So how come I am classic and all the waistlines are at least a couple of inches too large? Are they made bigger for the 'new woman' who's got a drinker's corporation? I suppose I could buy a smaller waist size but my leggies would look like sausages in skins! No, we're not back to condoms.
My horoscope today is:
Take a lesson from those who have come before you, dear Aquarius. Today is a great time for you to hide out in your room and read some old poetry or classic novels. Spend some time alone to recharge. Bring a book into the bath with you and delve into someone else's fantasy world. Don't be so concerned about the facts today. It is much more important to concentrate on how you feel.
This is quite amusing, to me at any rate, since a couple of weeks ago my Conservative MP invited me to his post-election drinks party at his home called Roughton Hall. I did a search on the internet to find directions, which was successful and also came across 'Julie at the Reformatory' with a description: "When Julie is sentenced to three years at Roughton Hall she discovers that total submission is demanded by the sadistic mistresses, who delight in their use of the cane and the birch."
It's a Nexus Adult Fiction and has a picture on the front of a rather becoming young lady in a basque and suspenders and high heels. If I was Asian, 4 inches taller, had long hair, skinny legs and a smaller bum without a shiner on it, I could well be me!!!! What a coincidence!
Of course I was tickled by finding the book and it has, today, arrived on my mat. It was however a nearly new copy and while in very good condition didn't look too salubrious so I've wiped the cover with antibacterial soap!!! Wonder if I should read it wearing my Marigolds?
I have dipped into it and it's a bit 'boys own'. I know there are only so many words with which one can describe the human anatomy but 'hot, glistening sex lips' just made me chuckle!
I suppose it was written for blokes, cos a woman would surely have preferred to read something like ' velvet petals, glistening as touched by the morning dew'. Takes the steam out of it a bit, though, doesn't it, a bit too romantic?
So I'm supposed to concentrate on how I feel? Chilly leggies because I'm sitting here in a bikini!! As for spending time alone to recharge ...... Do I really NEED more time alone?? Hmm, maybe since when I'm out working it's on public view but at home ... Nah! Thoroughly fed up of my own company!


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