Monday, June 06, 2005


It had to be a headline of 'A-MAZE-ing. This private maze, of copper beech, planted in N. Lincs is larger than that at Hampton Court. It is about 8 feet high and just in need of a trim. I'm doing a follow through story on the maze, having taken photographs when it was bare, save for a few straggly copper leaves, in March, this picture last week and I shall go again in September - when the pumpkin patch alongside will be in full fruit, too! Posted by Hello

On mazes,
  • Longleat House
  • home to the 7th Marquis of Bath has at least three mazes: a yew maze, a mirror maze and a wooden one designed by Blue Peter viewers. I rather fancy that the aerial shot of the maze wasn't taken by someone on top of a scaffold (SM!) In Saffron Walden, Essex, where I used to live there is a turf maze of medieval origin. I tend to think of it as a brick maze since that's what the paths are laid out in. The children never seemed to tired of racing around it!


    Anonymous pjaykc said...

    Do people just look at the maze from on high, or do they wander around in it. Someone is always making a corn maze in these parts, and school groups go out and have fun getting "lost" in them.

    Tue Jun 07, 03:27:00 am 2005  
    Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

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    Tue Jun 07, 10:32:00 am 2005  
    Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

    This particular maze is privately owned and the guy just wanted to plant one for his own enjoyment. He has held a party in it, earlier in the year and plans to hold a couple more. He did say that even he feels a little claustrophic in it at times. When we walked through last week it was quite easy to see the path, cos the grass needed cutting and obviously he hadn't walked the wrong way! However before his party in a week or so's time he'll mow the grass so people actually have to decide which way to go. It's marvellous, really, just planted a maze because he simply wanted to, for his own enjoyment and no commercial purpose whatsoever.

    Tue Jun 07, 10:43:00 pm 2005  

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