Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Catching up - sports and todgers

Busy day today and I'm still captioning but have a little break to blog.
Started with raising the Euro Blue Flag for a clean beach/environment at Mablethorpe (one was also presented to Sutton on Sea) and a Seaside Award.
I popped a little sign in my car, which a nice man in a shop in Alford made for me, one day a while back, when the traffic warden was about and I had to park on 'yellows' for a wee whilie. It a piece of cardboard on which he stencilled "PRESS on call" and he stuck one of my cards on it and drew a border around the whole. What a nice man ... I only popped in is shop to ask where somewhere was!
Don't know if it would have been of any use, a yella's a yella, innit?
Had a quick mooch (can you mooch quickly?) around town, got the papers to see how many piccies I had in this week (mwah mwah Mr Editor), then it was time for next job, a King Edward VI Grammar School orchestra rehearsal for the end of term concert and some littlies from St Michael's who were joining in, in the percussion section. Course, to get by I had to ask the biggest instrument in the orchestra to excuse me. Blooming 'eck, that double bass is bigger than I am!
Came home for an hour to caption then I ended up with a sporty evening.
Clay pigeon shoot for paper and social pix.
Champion darts player, Bobby George playing at the Turk's Head which is helping Dave Custons raise money for Action Medical Research.
On to Monks' Dyke Technology College PE Dept Presentation of Awards evening with guest speaker, Premiership Referee Neale Barry, then around 9.15 on to
Kenwick Park Hotel East Lincs Combination Football AGM to take pix of award winners.
Just done a 'phew' like a horse does, with wobbly vibrating lips.
The last three were rather nice, really. Cos people actually called me Julie, as opposed to my local nickname of 'Scoop', which means that I'm a real person, too, to some people!
The footie one was fun. They stopped the whole proceedings of the AGM when I arrived and about 100 pairs of eyes swivelled toward me when my arrival was announced and there were lots of grins and winks and nods (no reason for the winks and nods, behave yourself!) from the guys, some of whom I've photographed during the course of work.
One of the biggest beams came from my erstwhile divorce solicitor! He did a double take ... I tend to forget I've lost a couple of stones (28lbs) or more since I consulted him over three years ago. He asked how I was and I said happiest ever I've been. Which was true at that moment cos it was nice having so many guys smiling at me :)
I've had some fun doing the footie pix. There's always 'one'. Usually the one with lots of gel on his hair (in any given team), who wants to do a moonie (and does) or hold his jewels in the picture, or make bunny ears over someone else's head.
At one match I went to, the changing hut was some distance from the pitch and just before taking the picture and game started on this very cold afternoon, guys dashed to the edge of the field, with their backs to me and steam rose around them. Do I have to explain?
One guy (the 'one')however, went into the goalmouth and seemed to be adjusted his 'dress' (with back to me). I thought that wasn't very clever, really, cos if he was peeing in there, his own goalie was going to have to jump or land in it during one half of the game.
So I got them lined up, footie team style, back row had their arms behind their backs and I looked along the front line, making sure they all had the same knee down. I was concentrating on knees down.
After taking the picture one of the guys on the sidelines was helping me with names and while doing so his team mates drifted over, one at a time, to request to see the photo on the LCD screen. Which was a little unusual for so many to want to see it.
Got home, got the piccies uploaded and lobbed 'em off swiftly to the paper.
Relaxing and reviewing I went hot and cold and my hair stood on end.
The 'one' had not adjusted his clothing at all, he was exposing himself and looking at the three pix I'd taken (to make sure that one of them was good), from one to three his todger had grown like topsy!!!
Make a hasty call to the paper to ask 'em to digitise a todger!
I was just getting into this post but a friend has called (midnight) and asked me to collect her from hospital A&E ... since I was the one that phoned an ambulance to take her there an hour ago, I'd better jump in the car (with no decent radio ...) and fetch her back home!!!!


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