Saturday, September 03, 2005


Following Wendy's query as to the definition of chit, I looked in the Merriam Webster online dictionary but it only had two results.

I searched further and used the Webster online Dictionary - I've always liked the Webster one, well, the book you can hold and flick through, and I came across

This provides the facility to search for words on the toolbar, key in a word and get a definition without having to open another browser, since a box opens within the current browser.

You can even have it pronounced in an American accent, which may, I suppose, be pronounced differently in English!

Aha, let me try 'tomato'.

Chortle, sure enough ... a rather deep voiced guy just said, "to-may-to".

It gives a word history too. Apparently the tomato originally came from Central America and was imported to Spain. S'funny, I thought I read once that it came from the East? Hmmm, methinks it's back to the drawing board on that thought, Jules.

I think I'm going to enjoy this facility, I do so like words - even if I do get them wrong occasionally but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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