Monday, June 06, 2005


I realised today that I can spin around in the frock I'd intended to wear to 'the MP's' do.
Thought about having it altered but what if I put weight on again? Another one for the attic!
Then set about searching the internet for petite sizes. I'm only 4' 11" and I'm petite petite, well, heightwise!
Next idea was I'll make a frock! Don't be shocked, I'm quite talented, really! I've reupholstered a suite - twice, made curtains, bedspreads, a suit for 'da ex', the children's clothes when they were little, cut hair, painted, papered, cooked from scratch .. I should use all this on my dating profile, if no one wants me for my dappy sense of humour, at least they might need a general factotum??
Yes, a story is upcoming.
I had a spate of sewing a few years ago, decided I wanted a posh Xmas frock that fitted properly and some little summer things for the holiday afterwards in Antigua. I sewed myself to a frazzle and my pinkies became quite rough from the constant digging of the needle into them .. hate using a thimble.
Trying the outfit on and putting on my pantyhose, I created a pull in them. Since they cos twice as much as a pair of socks (oh yes, I've darned socks and turned collars and cuffs, too!) and last for about half a dozen wearings I was a little annoyed but had a jolly good idea. (I sound like that little guy in Black Adder!)
I toodled off and bought a pack of surgical gloves and on Xmas day I wore a pair to don my tights and popped them in my handbag before we left for dinner at the posh hotel
  • The Adolphus Hotel

  • It was a fairly drawn out meal and nature called and I answered, taking my little gloves out of my bag to make sure I didn't ladder the tights.
    Got home having had a lovely day and then realised, with horror (horror seems to figure quite largely in my posts) that I'd left the surgical gloves in the stall of the ladies' loos.
    I wonder what the cleaner thought when she/he found them?


    Anonymous pjaykc said...

    What a problem to have! To be spinning around inside your clothes because they've become too big! I have pigged out so much this past year, that I have the opposite problem--not enough clothes to wear because I've grown OUT of them! You have so much energy, and you always motivate me to get busy around here.

    I don't know what the cleaner thought about finding the gloves, but that really is a good idea--gloves of some kind, anyway. Seems like no matter how careful you are, when it comes to putting on hose, those fingernails develop little snags.

    Tue Jun 07, 03:26:00 am 2005  
    Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

    I put the comment on the wrong post! Can't figure how to erase it so replicated:
    I confess I had used gloves previously. A pair of cotton gloves, yellow, with a press stud at the wrist, which had belonged to my father, somehow got passed along to me. They could possibly have been driving gloves, but from quite a long time ago. I used these gloves, years before, a couple of times but the friction of the synthetic hose on the natural fabric just abraded the cotton away and I ended up with fluff in my tights!!!

    Tue Jun 07, 10:38:00 pm 2005  
    Anonymous pjaykc said...

    I noticed that about that post. Hey, last weekend, my daughter from Columbia came over (about a 2-hour drive) to spend the night and have a short visit. I was also babysitting youngest daughter's two little girls, ages 8 and 3, overnight, so we had quite a party. What was fun, though, is that Karen brought with her the dresses I made for her girls to wear in youngest daughter's wedding (the mother of the two I was babysitting). The girls thought it was really great to have new "dress-up" dresses, especially the little one, who is really into the "Princess" thing and wants to wear dresses all the time. (Doesn't take after her grandma on that one!) Anyway, the dresses are of black-and-white tiny houndstooth checked taffeta with black satin shawl collars. The girls all looked so pretty in them. I haven't done much sewing since then, though. Got about sewed out on that project!

    Wed Jun 08, 03:26:00 am 2005  
    Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

    I think I sewed myself out in the US but it was easier to find petite sizes in Dallas than Grimsby, for some reason! Didn't do any last night, the head lingered and despite the invention of the needle threader it still means squinting.

    Wed Jun 08, 08:35:00 am 2005  
    Anonymous Sues said...

    How nice to find you've lost weight. I have faint memories of that myself.
    In my job I use rubber gloves with little bumps on them to smooth out the circulation stockings on clients of mine. They work like a charm and and I don't have to put my back out tugging and pulling! They would do the same for panty hose...good idea Pyk...did not think of that!
    Sewing is such an are just oozing at the seams with creativity.
    enjoy your blog.

    Thu Jun 09, 01:19:00 pm 2005  
    Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

    So, Sues, are these special rubber gloves???? Or Marigolds?
    My intentions to sew this morning did not come to fruition. However, I now have all the tools for the job ... I hope, I haven't looked to see whether the machine needle broke last time I used it, and hope to continue this evening when I've calmed down! Calmed down? New blog!

    Thu Jun 09, 05:58:00 pm 2005  

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