Sunday, August 21, 2005

Time and perspective

You know how time changes your perspective? Like policemen are younger and streets are narrower and you discover that your tall granny was really only 5' in her stockinged feet?
Well, I was away less than a week and my butter knife has got longer.
How can this happen? It's a silver one I bought at an antique fair. It had lost a little piece where the blade joined the handle, presumably ivory, but I liked it all the same. The gap was only about 1/3" but now it's about an inch! Maybe it's in training to be a super stud butter knife?
I met a lady last night, the wife of a friend, who remembered me from my childhood. We lived in the same village for about 4 years, from my being 11 to 15, I think (until my parents moved) but as far as I can remember we didn't come across one another very often. I think. Jane, maybe she was in the choir? She was the vicar's daughter. I don't recall her being in the Guides or being at youth club. But of the four years I only went out in the evenings for the first two and holed myself up with a broken heart for the other two!
It was through my blog that she became aware of my existence here in the same town.
At the party she approached me and called me by my maiden name, which was a bit of a surprise after all these years.
When she introduced herself, yes, I could remember her.
Jane said I was instantly recognisable and went on to tell me how much she had envied me. Thought my mother was glamourous (the local hairdresser) and how exciting it must have been for me to go to a different school from all the other village kids.
I confessed that I had envied her! She seemed to have such a great 'normal' life and have friends in the village, whereas I was the product of a 'broken home' (a bit of a rarity in those days)and went to a school out of my catchment area and had to leave the village early every day to catch the bus and then at the day's end call attention to myself at school by putting my hand up and asking to leave class and of course I never had any of my school friends to play with so consequently was a bit of a loner.
It turns out we're the same age and even possibly went to the same college, our time crossing there maybe only for three months though.
Well, now we've met again it would be nice to keep in touch.
Covered the Louth & District Flower and Veg show y'day. I zoomed in, straight back from being on holiday, dressed still a little in holiday mode with a little strappy top and jeans and was quite charmed by a gentleman, getting on a little in years who, when I had finished taking his picture and writing his details said, "I'm not chatting you up but you're the prettiest photographer I've ever seen." Bless. Mind you, the others around here are guys and I'd be hard pressed to call them pretty, too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it too bad that we waste so much of our lives being envious of each other? The grass is greener, and all that. I guess it would be too boring, though, if we were all content with our lot in life. At any rate, I hope you are able to keep in touch with your old/new-found friend. Now I've got to read about your trip to Spain. I've finally finished posting about my NYC trip on your other site. Wish I could write as cleverly as you do. It's mostly "we did this, and then we did that," but you will probably find a lot of it familiar territory.

Thu Aug 25, 01:48:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

I'll read .... I love(d) New York on my visits. Maybe the two of us writing together would be good ... you keep brilliant lists and I forget half the places I've been too, just recalling the fun! keeping tickets, etc helps me though. Somewhere in a box I have an NY file and a Paris file .. so I could pad out my stories if I ever got to write them in a book!
I've realised a lot of my writing has to be factually derived, I mean been there, done that cos I don't have much imagination, have to write it from a real event. Though I then ham it up .. just a little, you realise! Did I tell you about ........ ??? :)

Thu Aug 25, 02:55:00 pm 2005  

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