Monday, January 30, 2006

Sock it to me

How annoying when you've just finished a carefully sorted wash, to find a sock on the staircase that'll have to languish a week or so until there's enough fodder fo de washer!
Spent a couple of days trying to contact the IR to see if it's true as I thought I heard, on a radio prog, that if you pay your tax even if the return isn't completed, that you can avoid the £100 fine. When I finally got thro I was so surprised I didn't even hear the voice talking to me from my mobile on the desk. Having checked with someone, the tax person told me it is not so and suggested I complete my return online .. but I do believe you have to get a password that can take 7 days so I'd miss the deadline anyway.
I know, I know. My own fault!
I at least did manage to tell tax person that I'm no longer self employed so would they please stop taking NI contributions from me. She said she'd put me thro to the right no., which was continually engaged so she couldn't. Think I'd better just write 'em a letter.
Would that I were as careful with my pennies as I am becoming with my time!
Just getting back into the morning routine, or at least forming one.
It's get up, wee wee, run bath, fill kettle, make tea, pour cereal, take out lunch (prepared night before) eat breakfast, bath, teeth, hair, make-up, dress, wash up, then do anything else I can fit in before time to leave.
I saved a little time the other morning by proggling my ears with a baby bud whilst en route upstairs to dress, etc. Probably a bit silly. If I'd tripped I could have proggled deeper than I'd intended!
Bath ... the landlord when mentioning putting up the rent agreed that a shower would be a good idea. I had the tiling done in, what? Oct? Nov? Haven't heard a thing since!
Saw quite a nice 2 bed apartment for sale today - online. Think I need, still, to sort finances to figure out exactly how much I can afford. Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it?
Went to a lovely dinner over the weekend at Rob and Henrietta's. I suppose there must have been 7 or 8 couples spread over two dining tables.
OH, I don't mean spread over! Seated at!
After the main course half change tables so it makes for an interesting mix and lots of different conversations.
I think this was the third such dinner party I've attended, Roger and Sue, Steve and Sally ... just noticed, I'm writing the guys' names first.
Just seems to flow better, not being discriminating!
Also makes for some very lovely meals!
These are Ian's friends. I had a touch of the collywobbles at the first en masse meeting when I wasn't 'hiding' behind my camera but it was unfounded. Was just me out of the socialising loop for so long and being a spectator on the fringe.
I'm just chomping my way through some Fox's Glacier dark - Licorice and Aniseed sweeties. Yum.
I wonder if aniseed is addictive?
I've had SO many dreams - and strange ones at that - since I've begun this new job.
Can't recall anything specific but I'm sure I never used to have such active nights, except if I'd overdone it with the nutmeg on my night-time milk drink.
OK, got to get down on the floor now, next to my filing drawer which I've dragged out of its cabinet so I can go thro the files and pick out info for the accounts.
What will I have to worry about when I've done these?
I expect I'll find something!
I'm never short on ideas!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lost me at "proggling". It does sound a bit like fun though. Methinks I shall endeavour to give it a go and have at it. How bout does one, praytell, participate in such an activity?

Crickey! I am coming off a bit cheeky!


Tue Jan 31, 05:28:00 am 2006  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

You get a baby bud ... I see they're making safety ones now ... with a slender tip and a bulge beyond that, spose that stops you proggling too deeply??
You're getting to sound tebbly English, y'know, Squid!
You've definitely got the hang of cheeky!
I thought I was explaining the monkey bit to you, about cheeky monkey but then it occured to me that maybe even cheeky was a Brit colloquisalism.
One also could say, when pulling someone's leg in a nice way, "Who fell out of the cheeky tree!".
Well, makes me giggle!

Wed Feb 01, 06:11:00 pm 2006  

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