Monday, March 13, 2006

Good do, Den

Den's birthday do on Friday went very well.
We were suitably bladdered even before leaving her house for the restaurant and certainly by 4am were well sotted.
I seemed to lose the power to co-ordinate my thoughts and powers of speech on Saturday, a most odd feeling.
I think I may have killed a brain cell or three. I only had, probably, about a bottle of wine (or so, they were big glasses)
Pondering when I had last felt that way, Cheeky Boy pointed out that it was when I last had a night out with 'the girls' and that maybe a lesson should be drawn from that.
SO I did and decided I wasn't getting enough practice and should thus go out with the girls more!
Potentially a night out with the girls next weekend ....
Oh, watched a prog on tv about a woman (working for Auntie) who binge drank every night for a month and was having about 15 or more drinks a night, mixed, Wickeds, vodkas, pints, Breezers, etc. Lord knows how she managed to do that EVERY night for a month!!!
I mean, I wasn't even safe crossing the road the next day!
OK, I'm done!


Blogger Echo Mouse said...

LOL Your posts are so entertaining and funny :) Sounds like a very good time had by all!

Mon Mar 13, 10:42:00 pm 2006  
Blogger kat said...

Yes, I think you should go out with the girls more often. :-)

Mon Mar 13, 10:51:00 pm 2006  
Anonymous Victoria said...

I bet that woman who drinks a lot has credit issues and a liver in very poor condition. If she doesn't yet, she will soon.

Lots of Love from your sensible flat shoed daughter.

Best thing to do, I've been taught, to get rid of an attacker is a) avoid them in the first place or b) to learn one move to hurt them badly enough that it buys you a couple of seconds to run like hell and scream for help on the way. (Another reason why I wear flat shoes a lot, I can't sprint in heels). xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tue Mar 14, 05:50:00 am 2006  

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