Thursday, November 25, 2010

Almost four years later

Quite amazed to see I can still access this Blog. I closed it in a fit of pique which I regretted almost immediately!!

What has been interesting viewing the blog are the enhancements, for instance being able to see where in the world the readers are (were). Well, another surprise that 77 or so people actually read a page of the blog in October this year!!

I wonder what they were searching for in order that they fell upon me??

Anyway ... update ... I'm getting married next March (not to be upstaged by the Royal Wedding ... getting mine ... OURS ... in first.

I had this brilliant idea of ordered a custom-made dress which was 4" smaller at all of the vital statistics and seem to have been eating myself silly worryingabout getting into it. Of course this is not the way to get thinner.

Joined Weightwatchers tonight! Have to go for 12 weeks (it's free through my GP ) if I fall by the wayside I have to pay £50. Good incentive. But a better one is the fact that when I attempted to try on the dress I looked like a gorilla at a chimps tea party.

Now lets see if this will post ... and will I every be able to get back to it???



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