Friday, June 10, 2005

Did I say I'd sleep at night?

Amazon were back to me quickly and I've authorised payment again, they only wanted the cost of the DVD and not the postage, so I got some discount for honesty!
Watched the film last night with a girlfriend. We veered between fits of the giggles and exclamations of 'oh, yeukkk' and 'ouch!'. Interesting.
At 1.30am, a fairly normal time for going to bed, I heard cars swishing through water but couldn't hear rain on the window. Peeking out there was a torrent of water rushing down my street and another cascading along the street parallel, together with flashing Anglian Water Van and police vehicle lights.
A water main had burst ("a serious burst") in two places in the road. With people talking and then bringing in the road drills at 4.15 am I probably managed a couple of hours sleep before having to rise early to take my car for a service.
No, I didn't rush out immediately and take a picture in the dark. Yes, I probably should have but I waited until the morning. Last time it happened a couple of years ago there was still a huge hole in the ground the following morning - and sure enough, there was.
I've asked the garage to find an unscrewable, non-stealable aerial for the car!
I've got 'legs on' today. Rarely wear skirts when I'm working and I'm working most days. Trousers are so much more practical and this hit home again today as I tried to shove pad and pen into pockets that I didn't have in my skirt.
One of the jobs was my MP's wife at a coffee morning. A very chic French lady. She was kind enough to say I looked very nice.
I looked like one of the Gazpacho dancers today ... hang on a mo ... Apache dancers!!!! Cor, nearly got in the soup there!
V-neck white T, red skirt with a frill on the bottom - of the skirt, not mine - it wasn't a tutu!, and a little silk neck scarf, knotted.
Yeah, looks quite good. But it still doesn't have any pockets!!!
I drove all the back routes to take the car in this morning.
Coming back I thought the traffic would be less heavy and thus risk the roadworks.
Dang me ... they've finished and I could have arrived 20 mins earlier!
Another job shortly, then return the car, collelct mine, faint at the cost of the aeriel repair ("Oh yes, they'll fix it if they have one! - It's a Toyota dealer for goodness sake, they're SUPPOSED to have one!) and then I think come back and zzzzzzzzzz for an hour.
Maybe THEN I can do some sewing. the frock hasn't been touched since Monday!
Looks like a last minute jobbie!
Oh yes, I moaned at the Town Clerk and Mayor about my parking ticket today - I even remembered I paid £1 instead of 70p so reckon I deserved the additional 10 mins I was late. Ok, 1 hr is the max parking time in there but the machine's don't give change. I may stop wittering on about this if I pay the fine by card today and then it'll be off my mind.
House insurance, car insurance, fine and accountant's bill to deal with. Except the account said I can split it into 3 payments. Just as well, the profit for that year, minus their bill was risible.
The Mayor's Parlour and Town Clerk's Office are in the Town Hall, which building has lots of parking places allocated - except none for the Mayor or Town Clerk. The District Coucillors have parking permits though.
Hmmm, I wonder who organises these things?
I bought a lemon sponge cake at the Coffee morning. Looked delicious. I took a slice out to have with coffee (for breakfast!) but will give the rest away - would be too, too easy to wolf it down!
I rarely make any profit from my 'fete' pictures because I always buy something. I get a little annoyed when I go to my far flung places and get mithered to buy raffle tickets though, cos if I did that all the time it'd hardly be worth even working. 'Sides, I'm rarely lucky on these things and I'm probably one of the few people that's only ever bought one lottery ticket!
I don't trust to Lady Luck. I think we make our own!
I think I need a new recipe for mine!


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