Friday, September 30, 2005

She sash-ayed off to the ball ....

Here's the newly arrived sash and here's yours truly, Julie, wearing it ... I should have remembered to pull my tummy in! Darn.
I'm only taking pix in it, not staying for the do ... like Cinders, I'll before home before midnight. Well, probably before nine o'clock, actually!!!!


Blogger Wendy said...

look how cute you are!

Fri Sep 30, 06:44:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

ack ack ack ack ... I'm back from da ball. I was on time for the 7pm start but it seems people decided they were going to arrive fashionably late. When I espied a couple who looked ball-dressed I stalked 'em! They were quite good about it really. They were looking for friends in a suite so we ALL went up and the lady there was still getting ready so I helped readjust her tied neck on her dress and then got them to open their champagne for the toasting effect - even got offered a glass. I then loitered in the foyer. Under other circumstances - mayhaps had I not been wearing the sash, I might have been arrested for such actions but in the event I just made myself useful. As the nearest bar filled up, I suggested to the later comers that they hop it down to the empty bar, avoid the scrum and then come back to chat in the 'crowd'. There was some nicely placed furniture around the foyer so I was able to 'arrange' groups quite nicely instead of the usual line-up type pics.
I have to confess that coming home I thought how nice it would be to be actually getting my own glad rags on and being on the arm of a handsome gentleman, escorted to the ball.

Fri Sep 30, 09:28:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Pete said...

Stop "loitering" and you may eventually find yourself a decent fella! Just my 2p!

Sat Oct 01, 01:22:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Oh yeah? And how many single ladies have you asked to a ball recently? The last two dinner functions I went to I was seated next to a guy who fancied himself more than me. He was boorish and despite my being able to conduct an interesting and civilsed conversation he was jolly hard work. A boor, borne out by his comment (on here in June?) at the Lincs show!
The one before that my lift left before the dancing started so cinders went too!
This work is pretty erratic and since this is the first timein my life I've kept myself, I take the jobs unless it's for something really special.
What you said was tantamount to 'get a life' - well, I'm trying!
Tirade over.

Sat Oct 01, 10:04:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pete said...

Sorry Jules. I was only trying to jest. You have a life. Maybe you just haven't realised it yet?

Sat Oct 01, 12:19:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

I realised it ... it's just not ideal .... yet!!!!

Sat Oct 01, 02:01:00 pm 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful Mum.

Sun Oct 02, 02:40:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Thank you ... darn lens makes my face fatter though (really!!) AND today I had my hair cut.
But it's fun wearing the sash!!! I feel like a pageant queen!! xxx

Sun Oct 02, 02:44:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pete said...

And I'm sure you can still be very "trying"!

Sun Oct 02, 02:56:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pete said...

Go on. Change this to the full length version you sent me! Much more flattering (IMHO).

Mon Oct 03, 12:48:00 am 2005  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Full length version?

Mon Oct 03, 06:35:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Anna took a couple of pix of me wearing the sash. There's a full length one (ie. not truncated) which Pete said "Doesn't show your big arse." Which was quite painfully blunt, actually :P but I told him there are those who admire my bottom!!! (see!!!! P )

I'll post the pic up top.

Mon Oct 03, 12:30:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Pete said...

I was only trying to be constructive. What do other readers think of the full length version?

PS: You told me the 1st day we met that you didn't fancy me - what's more blunt than that? - pal ;-) xx

Tue Oct 04, 12:39:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Not sure there are any other readers! LOL We've probably sent them to sleep.
OYYYY, are you going to make me produce the email???? (actually I don't have it any more - if I'd kept all the jokes, etc from you I'd be compacting my outlook express every two minutes)
I did not tell you I did not fancy you ... those are not the words I would use - you interpreted the carefully construed words which I used - granted meaning the same -in your return email as 'you don't fancy me then'!!!
Well, my bum's too big for you anyway!! ;) x

Tue Oct 04, 12:50:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pete said...

touche! Don't get touchy either! As I recall, we never got round to discussing whether I liked big arses/asses or not, or even whether you had one or not!!
Hugs & kisses. xx

Tue Oct 04, 12:58:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Ah,,, these are the sort of things that women remember, Pete ... you're on shakey ground! I distinctly recall your words y'day which included the prase 'your big arse'. Hmm, the words may not have been in that order, might have been that the full length 'doesn't make your arse look big ... like those other trousers..."
OY, I'm supposed to be working at the moment!!

Tue Oct 04, 01:13:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pete said...

I've still got the original emails. You want copies? I know what you said and I know what I said.
Let's be mates eh?

Wed Oct 05, 01:12:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Ohhhhhh, awright!!!! x

Wed Oct 05, 08:59:00 pm 2005  
Anonymous James Nakamoto said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.

Tue Nov 22, 07:32:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

James, how very kind of you and reading so far back, too!
Pete and I really are friends, we just had fun in the exchanges above.
Are you keeping abreast of current issues??
Sadly, I can't read about you because all I got was 'account closed'.
However, if I manage to make someone smile and happy, then I'm happy, too!

Tue Nov 22, 10:03:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Erm, is that, I mean, are you, Director James Nakamoto?? Stew Rice? McKinley High School???
Hawaii? That's cool!
It's OK, too, if you're the Vancouver Maths Teacher.
Hey, it's cool, whomsoever you are, James.
Marvellous really how one's blogs just get read by all and sundry and one never knows who one might be entertaining!

Tue Nov 22, 10:20:00 pm 2005  

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