Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Muse

Dang, i had to edit this cos I cocked up the link and now I've got one of these blooming gaps!!!! Grrrrr
I'm supposed to be going to bed early tonight to try to swing my body clock around. Since I said that, about an hour ago, I'm still here (but it's still about 3 hours earlier than I normally get to bed!) and just having a little blogging nightcap.
Last night I was up late, just chittering about on here, looking at this and that, waiting for my 'muse' to arrive. I had a story to write up and stories, other than my own, don't come so easily. If I dilly about long enough, but it usually take a couple of hours at least, I usually suddenly get a phrase in my head that inspires me and off I go.
Silly really, cos it's pretty much chronologically told but I just needed that something to give me the will to get started.
Talking of the will ... this was supposed to be my holiday weeek but I did 4 jobs yesterday and a couple today. But today's were done with more verve than yesterday's since I now have something to look forward to.
Despite Pete's kind offer of a visit to Spain I started mithering about my accounts cos they'd had those ads on the TV again - I hate those! Also I'd had a look at the flights, cost of, to Anchorage next April May and it seemed like a good idea to maybe be a little circumspect?
I decided to stay home and put head down into accounts - I haven't of course!
I seem to have to put myself under pressure to work!
I used to read job ads which said "Can work under pressure" and would think "nooooo, that's not me" but realised I was doing that for many years anyway and now it's just a matter of course.
Last time I prepared the accounts I started at 2pm and just worked all through the afternoon, evening and night (guaranteed peace from the phone) and nipped to the accountants at 10am the next morning.
What I have to look forward to is that I AM going away after all, up to Scotland ... just in case the last post's clues weren't sufficient.
This is where I shall be staying Loch Maree Hotel. A friend, Ian, has invited me to accompany him on a little foray to the Highlands where he's going to employ his culinary talents for a couple of days, to help out a friend who has been incapacitated through an accident and I shall assist as Fifi La Belle and wait on.
I was wondering if I can be like the 'ello 'ello French maids. Short skirt and stocking tops??? Maybe that's not quite Highland style?? I think it would be fun though and I could muddle through with Franglais.
Yell 'soups on' for un soupcon?
Ok, I'll behave myself, Ian!!!
Just two days the guests need to be looked after and then it's going to be discovering the locale and doing whatever one does in the Highlands. I've unearthed my walking boots and all weather gear, dusted off the Tommy Armours (golf clubs) and with a little luck Ian will have the patience of a Saint and won't feel like wrapping 'em around my neck and maybe I can get gently into the game again. I have missed golf.
There are some row boats .. you'll see them on the link. Maybe I could sit in the prow (do row boats have prows???) with a book to keep me quiet.
My camera will obviously be a necessity with that landscape.
I've been squeaky excited about this little ... little???? it's almost 1000 miles! ... roundtrip.
It's a brave man that can stand 10 hours of me in a car!!!!!
Remembering my post on snoring on here ... even if I fall asleep I'll probably snore!
I recall driving up to Edinburgh with Tora, from Oxford, little car fully laden, her bike on the back and we were looking at a 2am ish arrival. Tora chattered 50 to the dozen - doing my trick of thinking that talking to the driver will keep him/her awake.
I finally suggested she have a little nap - I had enough adrenaline coursing through me, driving through that landscape, with big black shadows (mountains) lurking outside the window, to keep me awake for a month!
Quiet for a moment and then "I'm asleep, mum!"
Hey, then there's the homeward journey!!! I'm giggling.
Don't say I didn't warn you!
Are we almost there yet? LOL.


Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Chittering, before anyone asks ... I just automatically typed it in, assuming it meant what I meant it to mean. Then I decided I'd better look it up. I wanted to use it, regardless but it seems I was fairly correct in its usage, in this context, fluttering:

2 : to shake rapidly back and forth : FLUTTER

Wed Oct 12, 02:34:00 am 2005  
Anonymous pjaykc said...

I think you would make an adorable French maid, Pyk! And I would think you would spice up the Highlands nicely in your proposed outfit. Hey, that just made me think--I have a grandson who is a freshman at Highland Community College in KS, and their mascot is a Scottie dog. Have a great time on your trip, and take lots of pics! I checked out the hotel link, and the scenery looks spectacular!

(What's with putting the secret letters in the box before publishing my comment? That's something new--well, maybe not so new, since it's been awhile since I've been here. Got some catching up to do, obviously!)

Wed Oct 12, 03:45:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

Merci, Madame!

The secret letters ... it's just to stop electronic spamming. The spammers can somehow just go through batches of blogs and make a comment but if the letters are present, it's not so easy. I have to admit that since I added this feature provided by blogspot, there has not been any spam ...just my own rubbish! :)
Maybe I should get a bigger memory card for the camera in case I get carried away? I can take my baby computer and upload, instead? Tch, decisions, decisions.

Wed Oct 12, 09:31:00 am 2005  
Blogger Pelicanhellican said...

OK, I'll buy a crossword book! :)

Wed Oct 12, 07:48:00 pm 2005  

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