Sunday, October 09, 2005

What a lovely day - and the fat lady aint sung yet!

I popped into Grimsby today - haven't been there in months, and it seemed a veritable metropolis compared with Louth. Sitting in the Freshney Mall having coffee with a friend reminded me of malls in North Dallas, without the stetsons and 'cowie' boots.
It served to remind me that I should get out more. I don't mean get out ... I'm always OUT for work but get away from 'small' a little more often. Must make a resolution!
It was good to enjoy company too .......
Had a foray into Staples to stock up on stationery, mainly hard-backed envelopes for sending out photographs and notebooks that'll slip into my back pocket.
The day's not yet over, either. I just remembered there's a concert at Welton-le-Wold this evening, in the church, with Hoover The Dog who play, apparently 'mainly Celtic-ish' music. A trio with a violinist, piano accordianist and a guy playing bouzouki and guitar. Not at the same time, one assumes! Got my seat booked!
Wore my little red boots today and they're jolly comfortable and make me bounce! Mind you, bounce is often about attitude, too, isn't it?
OH, having wondered if I could get a compilation track from the Bridget Jones movie, the answer is yes I can - so I did and had a singalong on the way home.
Now, if I throw myself into work for the next hour I can go out with a clear conscience.... and finish it off later.


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